HP ImageREt 3600

HP ImageREt 3600

ImageREt 3600 provides 3600 dots-per-inch (dpi) color laser-class quality through a multi-level printing process. This process precisely controls color by combining up to four colors within a single dot and by varying the amount of toner in a given area. ImageREt 3600 has been improved for this product. The improvements offer trapping technologies, greater control over dot placement, and more precise control of toner quality in a dot. These new technologies, coupled with HP’s multi-level printing process, result in a 600 x 600 dpi printer that provides 3600-dpi color laser-class quality with millions of smooth colors.

In contrast, the single-level printing process found in the default mode of other color laser printers does not allow the colors to be mixed within a single dot. This process, called dithering, significantly hinders the ability to create a wide range of colors without reduced sharpness or visible dot structure.

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