The Status folder contains links to the following main pages:

Device status. This page indicates product conditions such as a jam or an empty tray. After you correct a problem, click Refresh status to update the product status.

Supplies status. View details such as the estimated percent of toner remaining in the print cartridge and the number of pages that have been printed with the current print cartridge. This page also has links for ordering supplies and for finding recycling information.

Device configuration. View a detailed description of the current product configuration, including the amount of memory installed and whether optional trays are installed.

Network summary. View a detailed description of the current network configuration, including the IP address and network status.

Print info pages. Print the Configuration page and other information pages, such as the Supplies status page. See Print information pages.

Color usage job log. View color usage information for the product.

Event log. View a history of product errors. The most recent error is listed first.

This section provides information about the following topics:

HP CP1510 Status