Insert a memory card

Insert a memory card

The HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni product can read the following memory-card types:

CompactFlash (CF) Type 1 and Type 2

Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, and Memory Stick Duo

MultiMedia Card (MMC)

Secure Digital (SD)

xD Picture Card

The HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni memory card reader recognizes only the .JPEG file format when printing from the product control panel. To print other file types, you must do one of the following:

Use the software, such as PhotoSmart Premier software, provided on the product CD-ROM. See the software online Help for instructions.

Windows operating system users: Use Windows Explorer to move other file types to your computer, and then print the files from the computer.

Use the appropriate memory card slot on the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni product. To find the appropriate slot, see the illustration below.

HP CP1510 hb mm01 ug Insert a memory card

Accepts xD memory cards.
Accepts Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, and Memory Stick Duo memory cards.
Accepts CompactFlash memory cards.
Accepts Secure Digital and MultiMedia memory cards.
Insert and remove a memory card
HP CP1510 note Insert a memory card NOTE:

The HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni recognizes memory cards up to 2 GB.

Push the memory card into the appropriate memory slot to seat it.
HP CP1510 note Insert a memory card NOTE:

You can use only one memory card in the product at a time. If two or more are inserted, the product displays an error message.

HP CP1510 hb mm02 ug Insert a memory card

The product reads the card, and then the product control panel displays X photos found on card, where X is the number of recognized .JPEG files found on the memory card.

After a few seconds, the message Photo menu Easy Photo Print appears on the control-panel display. Now you can use the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni to print photos. See Print photos directly from the memory card.

Grasp the card and gently pull it straight out of the memory card slot to remove it.
HP CP1510 caution Insert a memory card CAUTION:

To avoid damaging the files stored on the card, do not remove a memory card while the product is accessing it. Wait for the LED near the memory card slots to stop blinking before you remove the memory card. When the LED remains illuminated, it is safe to remove the memory card.

HP CP1510 hb mm03 ug Insert a memory card

HP CP1510 Insert a memory card