Cancel a print job

Cancel a print job

You can cancel a print job from the following locations:

Product control panel: To cancel the print job, press and release the Cancel button on the product control panel.

Software application: Typically, a dialog box appears briefly on your screen, allowing you to cancel the print job.

Windows print queue: If a print job is waiting in a print queue (computer memory) or print spooler, delete the job there.

Click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers (Windows 2000) or Printers and Faxes (Windows XP Professional and Server 2003) or Printers and Other Hardware Devices (Windows XP Home).

For Windows Vista, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Printer.

Double-click the HP Color LaserJet CP1510 Series icon to open the window, select your print job, and click Delete.

If the status lights on the control panel continue to blink after you cancel a print job, the computer is still sending the job to the product. Either delete the job from the print queue or wait until the computer finishes sending data. The product will return to the Ready state.

HP CP1510 Cancel a print job